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Artist Bio

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NeoMeta* (Julia Shu) is a Ukrainian-born, London-based transdisciplinary multimedia artist and experimental researcher, obtaining an MA in Art & Science at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London. Through multidimensional audiovisual art and experimental fieldwork, I explore multispecies interconnectedness within the endless entropy of the universe, unfolding interdisciplinary & transcultural collaboration. I strive to reimagine our, human, place in the interconnected web of life, catalysing a paradigm shift towards peaceful and sustainable coexistence for all through listening, understanding, empathy and care.


Rooted in media arts, my art/science practice combines installation, sculpture, computational arts, performance, experimental sound and beyond. By blending physical & digital, real & imagined realms, I create multisensory immersive installations, live performances and mixed realities, treating living, found, and discarded as equal collaborators. 


As an advocate of interdisciplinary practice, I participated in art/science exhibitions at Zurich University of Arts, Taipei National University of Arts, Creative Computing Institute and Central Saint Martins, UAL. NeoMeta was selected for the Mattering Life Scientist in Residence Programme (Mar 2024) and undertook a Transcultural Collaboration international semester programme by shared campus (Aug-Nov 2023).



*NeoMeta: my artist name embodying a fusion of artistic expression & scientific inquiry (‘neo’, from the Greek (νέος) – “new”; ‘meta’ (μετά) – “beyond", “transcending”).

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