Sometimes all we need is to listen. Listen to the stories of those who both can and cannot speak.

All the materials used in this experimental anti-poster series are artificial and impossible to recycle. They simply remain, their form unchanging. We, humanity, have crafted them for a purpose: banners to inform and advertise, packaging to protect something of actual value, aerosol paint to leave a trace. They are to perform a single task. Forever. We haven’t really settled on the next step.

We may discard them – out of sight, out of mind – yet they will linger here, in this environment we share with other beings. Why not transform these human-made, homeless objects that no longer serve a purpose into something meaningful?

banner, collage, mixed materials, author technique

Art is one of the oldest ways to explore yourself and to communicate with others. When words are depleted or futile to describe the reality around us, the world begins to take shape from artistic dialogues by strangers and lovers, partners and enemies, ordinary people, and those engraved in memory.


A joint creative act is resemblant to seeking of inner dotted lines, impervious to questions, promises, and hopes proclaimed with words and voice.


By returning to work with unrecyclable materials, the artist and her art partner in the form of silent dialogue explore distinctions between permanent and temporal, solid and crisped, physical and soul-related, uttered and inexpressible.


Molded with paint, sawdust, thread, and other materials, the cast of creative interaction with another person became the marker of the artist's current state and her relationship with the inner and outer worlds.


Though connected by a mutual graphic element in the form of a zigzag, these banners may be exhibited separately and in various combinations of locating in space. In this way, diptych rises themes of common and private, connected and disconnected, guaranteed and ambiguous.

banners, aerosol spray, mixed materials, author technique