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— Nam June Paik

"It’s all your life in one.
Our life is half natural and half technological.
Half-and-half is good."

Nothing is permanent. And it's freeing.

We are here for a short time, compared to the infinity of the universe.

In a world, where beauty and chaos exist side by side.

Whether it's infinite or not... we won't be there to see it. And that's wonderful.​


Not knowing doesn't make me sad. It's exciting. Both real and not knowable.

Our thoughts are like stars in the thinkable universe. Shining in billions of digits. 

0. Zero & One

To communicate with Nonhuman Others, like with like-minded Us to co-create in harmony with Nature. 

1. Nothing & Everything

To explore infinity to reach a point of singularity behind the event horizon. 

0. Art & Science

Unlocking the limitless human potential to research at the intersection of disciplines.

1. Entropy & Metaphysics

Searching for balance in the constant rise of chaos in energy and matter.

0. Yes & No

Conditioning the unconditional to find reason in irrationality, questioning the principles of logic.

1. Human & Machine

Teaching to understand, merging machine capability and human consciousness.

0. Real & Imagined

Explore human perception to find pleasure in the fantastic and bring curiosity about the real. 

1. Happy & Sad

To experience mixed feelings that are not the same as ambivalence / ambiguity to inspire emotions.

0. Line & Triangle

Creating points of intersection, where a 2D line meets a 3D shape. 

1. Individual & Collective

Aiming towards interspecies advocacy in the NatureCulture.

Embracing the infinity between 0 and 1…

Artist Statement

Neometa's art stands as a profound call to action, challenging traditional notions of existence and offering an alternative view of interspecies relationships to shift humanity’s current narrative from climate grief to restoration. It encourages a responsible and thoughtful approach towards technological and scientific advancements and their impact on the ecosystem. Ultimately, I hope that my work showcases the beauty and innocent tranquillity of the moment that we, all species, equally have in the endless entropy of the universe. Like a feeling we get in front of the immensity of Nature. To find the balance in between…

I'm driven by an open, process-led exploration of multi-species relationships focusing on nonhuman agency through observation, listening, understanding and empathy. I believe in the transformative impact of collaboration, scientific experimentation and co-enquiry across disciplines towards a more sustainable tomorrow. Every art piece and every decision is born from the dynamic interplay of human-nonhuman interaction, emphasising the importance of kindness and empathy in nurturing a regenerative world. Working with the discarded (tech, fossils, memories...), I explore the potential encounters between organisms (slime mould, mycelium, plants...) with natural and man-made fossils, shaping fragile but resilient ‘landscapes in-between’.

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